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Kind Words

How can a set of kind words be a spiritual experience?

Since when did the syntax of a sentence pierce your heart in a way that you would replay them over and over again in your mind?

It’s funny how what can seem like arbitrary sounds to one can be what ignites a mental and spiritual change in another.

The spring of 2013 was a dark time for me. My mother, (who is a single parent) was diagnosed with colon cancer. I was trying to cope with a recent break-up with a guy whose response to me when I told him I was having a hard time dealing with my mother’s diagnosis was, “oh… .” I began to do terrible in school and perform poorly at both my part time jobs. Since I was the only one in my immediate family who was going to receive a degree from a university, I couldn’t afford to be messing up. Of course small things here and there started to add to my stress and build up; overall, I just wasn’t doing so hot.

After returning to work after my mother’s surgery, a co-worker of mine whom I didn’t really know that well asked me, “How are you doing? I heard you had a family emergency? Hope everything’s okay.”

And there I stood dead in my tracks. He was the only person who had asked me how I was doing in weeks. Although I did stay under the radar, not only did he stop me to ask how I was doing, he was sincere.

I wanted to say “I actually feel really shitty, I just witnessed the strongest person I know go through a lot of pain and all I really want right now is a hug,” but instead I responded with a smile and said “Oh, thank you very much for asking; everything is fine thanks, though.”
He replied “Oh okay that’s good to hear, see you later Liz.”

Then he departed from me with a sincere smile, without the slightest inkling that he had touched me very deeply. From the outside looking in, it was a very short idle chitchat between acquaintances. But to me it was the moment someone showed me kindness and sincerity when I needed it the most. The rippling effect of emotions I felt afterwards helped me realize that some people do care and notice. It maybe might not be the exact person you want or envisioned, but there are people who care.

So what I would suggest to you is maybe try to deliver your words with more kindness and care because those words might change someone for the better and really add that positivity they are sorely in need of at that moment. Those few genuine words spoken to me that day, by someone I barely knew, helped me get through a dark time and there is no doubt in my mind the kindness you would choose to spread would help another.


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