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How can a set of kind words be a spiritual experience?

Since when did the syntax of a sentence pierce your heart in a way that you would replay them over and over again in your mind?

It’s funny how what can seem like arbitrary sounds to one can be what ignites a mental and spiritual change in another.

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I started practicing yoga for no other reason than to drag my ass out of bed in the morning. I had recently gotten a job where I could work from home, which is AMAZING, but knowing how I like to sleep in, I saw danger on the horizon. So I bought a two-week trial to a yoga studio near my place (One Down Dog), and paid in advance so I’d feel bad if I didn’t go. I knew it would get me up and moving, but I definitely wasn’t expecting any sort of spiritual awakening just from doing poses on a mat. At least I’ll get some stretching in, I thought.

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